Rare Article: 3 Things Newer Competitive Players Miss

Beginning to understand competitive battling mechanics is, actually, pretty easy. It's fully mastering competitive strategy that gets very, very tough. I am by no means an expert (that last clause is pronounced "please don't make me feel sad by yelling at me if I get something wrong,) but here are three things that I've learned during my time playing Pokémon competitively that weren't very obvious at first.
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PKMN of the Week: Slaking

Yo, bro, I'm gonna sit this one out.

Dude, during that last round, I hit hard.  Did you see what I did?  Did you see me whip out Fire Blast on that guy?  Dude sure was shocked that a Normal-type like me could whip out a massive Fire-type move like that.  I even think I left him with a burn!

Imma take a nap now though.  Let me know when it's my turn again.

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Rare Article: 3 Common Mistakes of New Competitive Players

Many of us in the PKMNCast community have been recently decided to start getting a little more in depth in the battling scene now that we have a community of nice people to battle. Heck, even I wasn't really into battling until I became a fan of the show. That means that we have many fans that are new to the game. And that means that we make a ton of mistakes. I'm going to focus on some of those mistakes that are based on team building, because to learn prediction and some of the other in-battle techniques require practice, not me blabbering to you. So, without further ado, three common mistakes of players new to the competitive scene:
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