Shiny Ponyta - a Critical Hit!

This kid may be my hero. If you thought the Double Rainbow video was amazing, we here at the Pokémon Podcast all agree that this tops that video ten fold. Not only does this video include music by Sum 41, but it also contains a Graphing Calculator. 10 mins may seem long, but if you love Pokémon as much as we do, this video is worth every second. 

Breeding 101: Expanding on the Basics

Pokémon breeding is like a sandwich.  Right now we have two pieces of bread and some meat.  You can eat this sandwich as is, but I assure you that some lettuce and tomato will make this thing taste about 50 times better.  Today we add some lettuce to our sandwich.

Warm Eggs = Happy Eggs

Every Pokémon takes a different number of steps to hatch from its egg.  For example, the Lapras from last week would take approximately 10455 steps to hatch.  A baby Cubone on the other hand will hatch in approximately 5355 steps.  You can find out how many steps it takes to hatch your Pokémon by searching for your Pokémon on Bulbapedia.  It will list cycles and steps in the breeding section of the information card on the page.
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