Welcome our NEW Featured Team Editor: Tytanious

While picking a new editor is always a hard decision, I think Tytanious was a great choice. He will be keeping us up to date on teams weekly. While in the past we had trouble keeping this consistent, Tytan will make sure ever week you can judge and learn about new teams!

Welcome to the team!

Take the jump to the Eeveelious team we have for you this week!


Hiring Illustrator

While we look over applications for a writing position, which we are still doing (stay tuned), we need someone who can draw! More importantly, someone who can draw Pok mon well. PKMNcast is looking for an illustrator to get a job done this week. More particularly, we are looking to make a poster and sell it this weekend at Midwest Gaming Classic and then online. Work would have to be done before Wednesday night, that being said, you would get a cut of the profit. E-mail us and let us know! While I could just take PNGs and make a poster, I will not sell someone else's copyrighted artwork, but if it's yours and your looking to make a couple bucks, let us know!

E-mail Us! and/or just pokemonpodcast@me.com

Include in the subject line "Illustrator".

Please include artwork with application.



PKMNcast is Hiring!

We get tons of e-mails every week asking if would accept new writers. While we are always looking for amazing talent, we can't afford to pay people or respond to those e-mails right away. My fault. BUT!!!!

We are looking for some more writers! Here is the deal. The main thing we are looking for is someone who can make PKMN of the Week more original. Right now, those articles are pulled off Bulbapedia. While that is fine, the other 4 days a week we are providing original content, like Item of the Week, Concept Corner, Ability of the Week, etc. We would love someone who can make PKMN of the Week their own and make it more awesome. 

If you have other writing ideas, let us know. Here is what you gotta do! E-mail us at pokemonpodcast@me.com with the subject line of "hiring" and let us know about you. Write about yourself, provide us any links to personal blogs or work, and let us know why you want to help the site out!

Thanks! Let us know! And Good Luck!