PKMNcast Now Hiring!

It's that time of the year were PKMNcast is looking for new members to bring onto the team. Now the Lab was a good place to start for some of you, but we are looking to bring a couple members on. Before you run to apply, please read what I expect:

• Writers must have good grammar and proper naming, for example, "Pokémon" should be spelled as it... 

• Looking for someone dedicated to weekly articles.

• Looking for someone easy to contact, as in e-mail or Skype.

• Looking for someone who has passion for Pokémon, as well as, our community. 

• Learn how to use WYSIWYG editor to properly post content.

Do you fit those qualifications? I personally suck at the grammar part, hence why I don't write to often. Now your curious of what we are actually hiring for? Take a look below:

PKMN of the Week Editior

• Can provide a move set for a Pokémon

• Can provide information other then just a "copy & paste" from other sites.

• Find a fact or two someone may not know.

Tumblr Blog Admin

• Provide 5-10 posts a day on the Diglett Cave.

• Trustworthy with password information for the shared account.

• Familiar with Tumblr and has a personal Tumblr blog.

• Provide proper tagging of postings.

• Does not just reblog everything on Tumblr. 

Saturday Sketch Editor 

• Can provide a unique picture to post weekly. 

• Provide a source for the picture with a bit of info.

• Can provide a sneak peak of image before "the jump". 

Move of the Week Editor

• Can write on strategy and usefulness. 

• Can provide ideal situations.

• Does NOT pull from Smogon.

• Think outside the box when it comes to competitive battling. 

Do you fit any of those? Please then send an e-mail for application to If you e-mail the default e-mail, I will not consider you based on not being able to follow instructions. Remember, all positions are non-paid, but editors do get free swag from time to time. Please only apply for one position.