PKMN of the Week: Magcargo

The first time I came across this particular pokémon I didn't think it was "real."  I distinctly remember (because it was two months ago), I was sitting on my brother's couch reviewing his old (i.e., worthless) pokémon trading cards with my four year old nephew.  My nephew pulled it out of the stack to show me.

"What's this one, Uncle Willy?" he asked.

"I don't know, I've never seen that one before."

Seriously.  I thought it was some kind of aberration.  A pokémon that had to have been made up only for the trading card game.  I took the time to look this guy up on Bulbapedia and was surprised to see that he had been introduced in Generation II.  I had played Pokémon Gold!

The second time I saw this guy was in the anime episode "Some Like it Hot."  Really?  an entire episode devoted to this most forgettable of pokémon?  He's so bad I even forgot he existed at all!?  Geez.  That episode didn't even have particularly good plot.  An oversized one was blocking the path Ash, Brock, and Misty were taking so they needed someone to capture it.  There you go.

Oh well - since we are done covering all of the 600+ level competitive pokémon, it's time for a palette cleanser - Magcargo.

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M(s)OTW: Light Screen & Reflect

The best offense is a good defense. I mentioned that in last weeks move, Wood Hammer, but now I’m really going to hammer home that point (get it? hammer? yea I didn’t laugh either...) in this edition of Pokemon Move O’de le Week.

Something that a lot of trainers overlook in there teams is how they might counteract an opposing team. I know at least when I started out I went all out with 4 super powerful moves on each Pokemon of my team. A specific example that comes to mind was my original Blastoise. If I remember correctly I think it had Hydro Pump (my move of choice), then Surf, Blizzard, and Hydro Beam. To a 10 year old that’s a totally epic...

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