PKMN of the Week: Terrakion

I have owned my home for about ten years now.  It's a nice one bedroom condo on the second floor of a six unit building - basically I have one family below me and one family above me.  Most of the years I have lived here have been quiet.  The condo below mine is usually empty and the one above me was occupied by an older woman.

Then the older woman moved out and Rolling Thunder moved in.
In human development, when children first learn to walk they lack the grace and finesse that we, as adults, exercise in moving across a room.  The value of each individual step's success far outweighs the artistry of, say, not stomping everywhere you go.  She's about one and a half years old and two feet high but I think she must weigh about 200 pounds (that's about 14.25 stone for those of you with even less useful systems of measurement).  Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp.  I know when Rolling Thunder wakes up in the morning and when she goes to bed at night - all other hours are a constant stream of pounding assaults on the peace and serenity of my home.  Some days I feel like Frank Grimes.
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MOTW: Poison Jab

I’m not gonna lie, this one’s gonna be a shortie. I’ll give you guys a little break from the longer articles like last week’s MOTW and give you a little breather here. If you’re like me you know that poison moves and Pokemon are really effective and useful in your team, but you don’t want to waste a move solely just to poison your opponent, I’ve got the answer for you. This week we’re talking about Poison Jab.

There honestly aren’t that many poison type damaging moves out there, and there are even less physical poison type moves, but Poison Jab is THEE best...

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