Rare Article: 3 Things Pokémon Online Can't Prepare You For in Real Tournaments

The "Pokémon Online" is a great tool to practice for Pokémon tournaments. I use it all of the time to prepare for nationals this year. However, it isn't a perfect replica of what you are going to see when the VGCs, or any other tournament, rolls around. Here are three things that Pokémon Online can't quite prepare you for.
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More Specific Rules

VGC 2011 Rules

• Only Pokemon from Unova can be used (excluding Victini, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genosect).
• Each match is a double battle, though the amount of Pokemon each player will use in a match is not mentioned. It might be bring six Pokemon and use four in each match like in the past.
• Pokemon should be Level 50. Pokemon higher than that will be lowered to 50, but Pokemon Level 49 and below will remain the same level.
• You can't use duplicate Pokemon or Items.
• You can't change your Pokemon, Items, etc. during the tournament.

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004 Wins With Sunflora

004 Wins With Sunflora from Pokémon Podcast on Vimeo.

Footage taken at the Midwest Gaming Classic. Stadium battles, Black/White Battles, etc. Some funny stuff, but more to show what the show was about.

Give us Feedback on the shows. We'd like to know what you want to make this Video Podcast successful.

036 M.G.C. (Group Show)

Aaron said "I'm the host", in other words, this show was recorded LIVE at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield, WI on a Saturday night. With about 11 people, fans and newcomers, we talked all night about the days Pokemon events and other exciting things. We go over the tournaments that happened, the show floors, people we met, and so on. Lots of new guests! If you have any questions about this show, please post in the comments!

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Host: Steve ||Guests: Lots