036 M.G.C. (Group Show)

Aaron said "I'm the host", in other words, this show was recorded LIVE at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield, WI on a Saturday night. With about 11 people, fans and newcomers, we talked all night about the days Pokemon events and other exciting things. We go over the tournaments that happened, the show floors, people we met, and so on. Lots of new guests! If you have any questions about this show, please post in the comments!

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Host: Steve ||Guests: Lots

028 Pokemon Orange Version

The audio version of episode 003 of Critical Hit. This episode, SBJ and Aaron, sit down Diggnation Style to read article off of Reddit. Also, the winners are announced for the contest for the Pikachu charger. We also do PKMN of the Week as well as some other stuff.

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Aaron

Show notes: