Rare Article: (Not as Obvious) Pokemon that Should Have Different Typing

It was Mewtwo's birthday this week. What a great holiday! Many players think that Mewtwo should be Psychic/Dark type. And then there's Gyarados, which seems more like Water/Dragon than Water/Flying. While we're at it, shouldn't Charizard have Dragon as its secondary type?

But all of these are obvious examples. What Pokémon are out there that deserve a different typing that aren't quite as salient? Don't worry. That little brain of yours doesn't have to do any more flexing than it needs to, because I've got a handy list here after the jump.
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The Real Evolution

Most of you know that Venonat evolves into Venomoth and Caterpie eventually evolves into Butterfree, right? But what if the developers messed up when they were making Pokémon Red and Blue back in the day? Do you think it could of happened? We've heard stories of Cubone being a baby...
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