Rare Article: (Not as Obvious) Pokemon that Should Have Different Typing

File:105Marowak.pngIt was Mewtwo's birthday this week. What a great holiday! Many players think that Mewtwo should be Psychic/Dark type. And then there's Gyarados, which seems more like Water/Dragon than Water/Flying. While we're at it, shouldn't Charizard have Dragon as its secondary type? 

But all of these are obvious examples. What Pokémon are out there that deserve a different typing that aren't quite as obvious? Don't worry. That little brain of yours doesn't have to do any more flexing than it needs to, because I've got a handy list here.

Chapter 2: Marowak, Or: Nice Choice of Headgear

It is said that Cubones cry for their dead mothers almost ceaselessly. When they evolve into Marowak, however, according to Bulbapedia, they "have overcome the grief of never seeing their mother." Because of this, I think Marowak should be Ground/Dark type. Instead of "overcoming" the grief, it would be more interesting if Marowak just repressed their sadness, causing them to give off a cold and dark exterior. 

This would make Marowak the Batman of the Pokémon universe. A masked (skulled?) vigilante, tortured by the loss of its parents, striking fear into the hearts of the evil. Man, that sounds cool. Also, I just want to have a Marowak version of a Batarang. Wakarang? That doesn't really have the same ring to it. I'll work on that.

Chapter 1: Flygon, Or: Just Because I'm Tired of Dragons with a 4 Times Ice Weakness

Flygon is a nifty Pokémon. It's base stat total sits at a respectable 520, with 100 in both attack in speed. But I'll never use a Flygon. It just bugs me that he isn't Bug type. (c wut i did thar? Sorry.) Bug/Dragon would be such a cool combo! Ground/Dragon isn't bad, but why waste it on a Pokémon that doesn't even look like it should be ground type?

Bug type has gotten some seriously deserved upgrades in the last few generations, but a Bug/Dragon type still eludes us. Flygon would have been a prime candidate.

Chapter 3: The Lake Trio, Or: If the Pokémon in Charge of Humanity are Psychic, Why Can't I do Psychokinesis?

Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit make up the Lake Trio. I'm a big fan of these little Pokes. Azelf is increadibly usefull, and the designs for all of them are nifty. 

But they are all pure Psychic type. As if we don't already have enough Pyschic type legendaries. At least give them some secondary types. Psychic/Water would be cool. They are the Lake Trio after all.


That'll be it for today, Pokéfolks. What other Pokémon do you think have the wrong typing? Comment below with your ideas!