Concept Corner: Under the influence...OF HUMANITY :O

Hmmmmmmyessssssss.Ladies and gentlemen, the interactions between Pokemon and humans is a broad topic, which was touched apon previously in teh topic of man-made Pokemon. Today, we're doing something very similar. There have always been those who wish to tamper with teh natural order of the Pokemon world, be it an evil orginization or a wayward scientist. Like this gentleman beside this text, the people who tamper with nature's little spawn tend to be portrayed in a negative light, as evil beings who take sick pleasure in messing with the way things work. We honestly don't see too much evidence of direct human interference creating and altering Pokemon species, but there is much evidence in the detail and framework, between the worlds of the games and anime. And this is what we're going to examine a little today, finishing off by completing the discussion on Mewtwo from last article, including how his personality changed due to humanity's involvement, summing up a sort of positive/negative series of effects. So, into the science-mobile!
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