Team Tactics: Kingdra

There's a thunder clap.  Rain falls from the grey-black sky and falls hard on your face.  Your opponent looks puzzled as you smile from the corner of your mouth.  You arm your Pokéballs and prepare for war.  Today will be your victory!

Welcome to the first official installment of Team Tactics!  In this bi-weekly series we will focus on a single Pokémon and discuss how you might train it, and how it functions on a team.  Keep in mind that while I consider myself fairly versed in the digital cock-fight that is Pokémon, I might not have all the answers, and I may not give you the best solution for every scenario, team, or Pokémon.  I hope that when you read these articles you will use them as a template and build on them.

This week we are focusing on Kingdra, a dual-type Water/Dragon Pokémon with some interesting abilities.

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What is Sand-Attack good for?
• Sitting on your desk.
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PKMN of the Week: Mewtwo

This weeks Pokémon is Mewtwo! Whooo!

Mewtwo is highly skilled with Psychic powers. It can levitate through use of telekinesis, speak telepathically, and take control of another living being's mind. It is known for its powerful Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere. Mewtwo is also capable of wielding various types of attacks (but to a lesser extent than Mew). To exert its powerful psychic abilities, it will stay motionless for long periods of time in intense concentration to raise its capabilities to the maximum power.

In the anime, Mewtwo also has the ability to telekinetically create massive hurricanes thought to be powerful enough to destroy the planet and is constantly protected from harm inside a deflective sphere of psychic energy. Mewtwo has also stated it can block a Pokémon's special abilities in battle.

Mewtwo has the second highest Special Attack in the game, surpassed only by the Attack Forme of Deoxys.

Mewtwo and Lugia have the highest base stat total of all Psychic-types.

Mewtwo's name is a combination of Mew, referring to the Pokémon on which it was based, and two, indicating that it is a clone of Mew. It also sounds somewhat phonetically similar to the English word mutant.

Source: Bulbapeida

Breeding 101: Hidden Power

Gather around the campfire children, today is the final installment in this wonderful series I like to call Breeding 101.  You are already armed with everything you need to breed competitive Pokémon.  You know how to breed for moves, Individual Values, and nature.  You can speed up hatching time with some handy Pokémon, and you know how to figure out your Pokémon's strengths and weaknesses.  But nothing can prepare you for the gelatinous hell-beast we in the breeding business like to call Hidden Power.

This week's installment comes to you with a very large disclaimer: No matter what you do, Hidden Power is going to be random.  No matter how much influence you have over your Pokémon's stats in the form of Power Items, you never truly have any sort of control over it.  So if you want to leave our digital band of heroes, I can't say as I blame you.  For those who are strong of heart, venture forth.  We shall slay this beast!

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Breeding 101: Natures

Pokémon have distinct personalities.  Some are sassy, others are quite serious, and some are just plain rash.  To the untrained eye, these seem like mere personality traits, but to us, the Pokémon breeders, they mean so much more.  A Pokémon's nature determines which of its stats get a slight boost, and which take a slight decrease.  It also determines what flavor of Pokéblock and berry your Pokémon enjoy, but we will not be covering that in this article as it is not particularly pertinent to breeding.  If you want to know more about berries and flavors I suggest you take a look at Serebii's nature guide for that information.

Naughty by Nature

Every Pokémon in Generation IV has a Nature Value which can be found on its Summary screen.  Nature Values, or natures, adjust your Pokémon's stats by ten percent for two individual statistics.  There are exceptions to this in the form of Neutral Natures, which do not modify any stat.
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Breeding 101: Individual Values (The Final Conflict)

Today is the day when things start coming together.  We have been on a magical journey, you and I.  From backpacking through the Alps to swimming the Nile while dragging a tugboat behind us via a rope in our teeth.  But nothing is more important than today's adventure.  This is the glue that will hold together everything we have been working toward.  Individual Value inheritance will give you a bit of control over your Pokémon's strongest stats.  Get on your trailblazing gear Pokémon breeders; today we enter the wilderness as children, and come back as children with more information on Pokémon breeding!

Inheriting IVs

When breeding, you are able to pass a maximum of three IVs down to your baby Pokémon.  That means that no matter how amazing your parent Pokémon are, in the best case scenario your baby has three IVs generated at random.  Here is a run-down on how IVs are inherited when breeding:

  1. The baby's IVs are randomly generated for all 6 statistics (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed).  From here the baby will inherit IVs from its parents, which will overwrite some of these random values.
  2. One random IV value is inherited from either parent.
  3. A second random IV value is inherited from either parent.  This value will not be the HP IV.
  4. A third random IV is inherited from either parent.  This value will not be the HP or Defense IV.
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Breeding 101: Individual Values (Part I)

I have a lab coat on.  You might be asking yourself, "has this man gone insane?"  Perhaps, but I prefer to define myself as "sanity impaired" or "lusty for science."  The reason for the coat is because today we discuss Individual Values, or IVs; the Pokémon equivalent of genetic inheritance.  Individual Values, or IVs, will help you get the competitive edge in battle.  Plus, lab coats are sexy.  Just look at Bill Nye.

This week I am only going to cover what Individual Values are, and how to determine your Pokémon's IVs.  We will get into IV inheritance and how to actually breed for better IVs next week.
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