PKMN of the Week: Mewtwo

This weeks Pokémon is Mewtwo! Whooo!

Mewtwo is highly skilled with Psychic powers. It can levitate through use of telekinesis, speak telepathically, and take control of another living being's mind. It is known for its powerful Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere. Mewtwo is also capable of wielding various types of attacks (but to a lesser extent than Mew). To exert its powerful psychic abilities, it will stay motionless for long periods of time in intense concentration to raise its capabilities to the maximum power.

In the anime, Mewtwo also has the ability to telekinetically create massive hurricanes thought to be powerful enough to destroy the planet and is constantly protected from harm inside a deflective sphere of psychic energy. Mewtwo has also stated it can block a Pokémon's special abilities in battle.

Mewtwo has the second highest Special Attack in the game, surpassed only by the Attack Forme of Deoxys.

Mewtwo and Lugia have the highest base stat total of all Psychic-types.

Mewtwo's name is a combination of Mew, referring to the Pokémon on which it was based, and two, indicating that it is a clone of Mew. It also sounds somewhat phonetically similar to the English word mutant.

Source: Bulbapeida