AOTW: Swift Swim, Chlorophyll, and Sand Rush

Abiliteers, I feel the need. The need for acceleration beyond the usual pace at which I move in a forward direction. I’ve also conveniently wrapped chains around my tires so I can do so in any weather! In the summer. I didn’t think this scenario through well enough, guys. ANYHOO, this is Ability of the Week: Swift Swim, Chlorophyll, AND Sand Rush!

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Team Tactics: Kingdra

There's a thunder clap.  Rain falls from the grey-black sky and falls hard on your face.  Your opponent looks puzzled as you smile from the corner of your mouth.  You arm your Pokéballs and prepare for war.  Today will be your victory!

Welcome to the first official installment of Team Tactics!  In this bi-weekly series we will focus on a single Pokémon and discuss how you might train it, and how it functions on a team.  Keep in mind that while I consider myself fairly versed in the digital cock-fight that is Pokémon, I might not have all the answers, and I may not give you the best solution for every scenario, team, or Pokémon.  I hope that when you read these articles you will use them as a template and build on them.

This week we are focusing on Kingdra, a dual-type Water/Dragon Pokémon with some interesting abilities.

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AOTW: Sniper

Hello there, trainers! Friday’s Ability class is now in session, please take your seats. SBJ, stop shooting spit wads in Aaron’s ears! This week, folks, we’re discussing a rare but useful little Ability that can make critical hits absolutely devastating. Recommended listening: Misirlou by Dick Dale (AKA, the theme from Pulp Fiction). This is Ability of the Week: Sniper!
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