IOTW: Chesto Berry

Yo, Pokébros. Today we're going to be looking at the Chesto Berry. For those unfamiliar with the Chesto Berry, it wakens a Pokémon from sleep and then is used up.

Before we get into the Chesto Berry's main strategical uses, here are a few tidbits you might not know. When a Pokémon with a Chesto Berry uses Natural Gift, the move that changes depending on which berry is held, the result is a 60 power water move with 100% accuracy.

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Sand-Attack on Sale now!

Finally, after months of finding how to make something awesome... well... actually waiting for printing companies to figure their stuff out... we NOW have Sand-Attack for sale!

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If you listen to "It's Super Effective" (which you can get here) you probably know the big joke of our show. We love, love, love Sand-Attack! Yet, certain people do not. Get a piece of Pokemon Podcast history and have your own real life Sand-Attack!

What is Sand-Attack good for?
• Sitting on your desk.
• Company when you play Pokémon.
• Reducing your friend's accuracy. 

Sand-Attack is a Rare Item that you can only get from the PKMNcast. Get them before you run out of PP!


MOTW: Swift

It’s been a while. I know. Thus is life and the holidays/tests/school in general. No excuses so let’s get into it. Normal type moves are interesting types to choose from. Their resistances are unlike any other and there are an interesting set of moves to choose from. One move has been around for quite some time is Swift. Swift is almost unique in the fact that it can hit an opponent in almost any situation, and we’re going to take a look at that in our MOTW today.

Accuracy. One thing that is pretty much a necessity in the field of battle. Almost all important move combinations and strategies...

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