Team Tactics: Trick Room Bronzong

Last week we discussed the tentacled rage bucket of madness known as Trick Room Octillery.  Unfortunately, Octillery needs a set-up for Trick Room as he cannot learn it himself.  This is where the defensive monster bell from Pokéhell known as Bronzong steps in.  Slow as molasses and tough as nails, he is perfect to set-up Trick Room as it's move priority forces it to go last, regardless of speed.


Bronzong's Dream World ability is Heavy Metal.  While it sounds like it should be accompanied by an amazing hair metal guitar solo, the ability is a mess.  It doubles Bronzong's weight.  Which means that moves like Low Kick and Grass Knot will do twice the damage.  It also has the nice effect of increasing the power of Heavy Slam.  Unfortunately, Heavy Slam is a variable attack power move depending on the opponent's weight, so it isn't really worth it.  Avoid this one.

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Team Tactics: Trick Room Octillery

"Slow and steady wins the race."  You've no doubt heard the phrase.  The tortoise and the hare taught us that sometimes, speeding through life can be a bad thing.  Stop and smell the roses.  It's good advice, even when it comes to forcibly pitting two creatures against one another in bloody combat.

But, Alan, I thought you told us that speed is good?  Well, it is.  Unless you encounter the move known as Trick Room.  It is a unique move that causes Pokémon with a lower speed stat to attack first.  It lasts for five turns.  High priority moves like Quick Attack will still go first though, and Quick Claw will still allow the Pokémon to attack first if it activates.  Trick Room always goes last when used though, so be sure the Pokémon using it can take a hit.

With Trick Room active, Octillery becomes a beast of a sweeper and can decimate a team with his tentacled fury.

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Team Tactics: Kingdra

There's a thunder clap.  Rain falls from the grey-black sky and falls hard on your face.  Your opponent looks puzzled as you smile from the corner of your mouth.  You arm your Pokéballs and prepare for war.  Today will be your victory!

Welcome to the first official installment of Team Tactics!  In this bi-weekly series we will focus on a single Pokémon and discuss how you might train it, and how it functions on a team.  Keep in mind that while I consider myself fairly versed in the digital cock-fight that is Pokémon, I might not have all the answers, and I may not give you the best solution for every scenario, team, or Pokémon.  I hope that when you read these articles you will use them as a template and build on them.

This week we are focusing on Kingdra, a dual-type Water/Dragon Pokémon with some interesting abilities.

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