PokéFact: Things Unseen

It's your favorite time of week again! That's right, PokéFactDay-- otherwise known as Tuesday, if you don't like the bizzar looks when you say Happy PokéFactDay! In celebration of the new year and to brighten your day because you keep writing "2010" and then needing to cross out the last two digits and replace them with "11" since you're not use to writing the date yet, we have TWO semi-facts that some people have probably noticed already, while others weren't paying close attention. And I even made animations for you!!! Aren't I nice? So here are two things you might have not noticed why watching/playing/reading Pokémon. 


First, if you look at Diglett you notice he has his body, two eyes and a nose. Pretty normal right? But what if it isn't a nose. Look again: See the white spot towards the top left of his "nose"? (inside the yellow circle if you didn't notice my helpful hint) What if it is in fact really not a nose, but a mouth and that white spot is a tooth. Now look at Diglett. You can see it, can't you? Warning: This is very difficult to unsee. I personally think he looks cuter this way. (:


This is probably not the best picture to show, but Kakuna doesn't really have the best picture, they are always taken kinda at an angle. For the best effect please refer to this picture (which is a Japanese shirt from a website that link will not work) or use your imagination. Did you notice that Kakuna is really wearing a tie? Just look at him (or her!), the little bug is all ready for a business trip. Now isn't that adorable?

So did you pay attention when you were younger? Did you ever think about these things while watching the show, playing the game, reading the manga, ect.? Leave your comments down below and I will see you next Tuesday when writing the date may (very unlikely though) be much easier to write.