PokéFact: Professors of Nature


Sorry this is so late guys. I tried posting twice last night so you would see it this morning, but my computer is stupid so I decided to do it this morning, only I had no time before school and now after homework and cleaning, I come to you with your PokéFact... Ahh, don't you miss being young?

This week PokéFact is that every single main professor is named after a tree. Yup, that's right. There is Professor Oak, Professor Elm, Professor Birch, Professor Rowan and Professor Araragi. Professor Araragi also happens to be the only female professor to be a main character in anime. There are other professors who relate to this pattern as well, such as Professor Silktree and Professor Ivy, though I know ivy is a plant and not a tree. There are more nature like names as well! Professor Fuji and Professor Westwood to name a few. 

That has been your Pokéfact this week! Did anyone else catch that while playing the games, watching the show or just stalking the internet?