Everyone wanted to play with the Tyrannosaurs Rex dinosaur as a kid. Here at PKMNcast, we didn't. Screw the Tyrannosaurs Rex and give me a Suchomimus!! Kids and their Tyrannosaurs Rexs thought they were so radical. We know.... we knew dinosaurs. We thought we did...

It wasn’t until 1993. Before PKMNcast hatched from an egg. Two words... Jurassic Park.  So, after years of endless ridicule, that movie proved to never disrespect the Rex. Its name literally means “Tyrant Lizard King”, how could you argue with that?!


Tyrantrum stomped its way into Gen VI with a vengeance. Its Rock/Dragon typing is wholly unique, and strikes fear into any baby Pokémon it may come across. And after downing a couple Munchlax, it stomps its way to Hoenn, where it climbs to the top of Mt. Chimney and proclaims its dominance over all other fossil Pokémon. Armaldo? P’shaw. Aerodactyl? Who cares! Tyrantrum is where it’s at.

No Dragon-type has higher defense. No other Pokémon shares this type combination. No other Pokémon is the "Lizard King". Step down Heliolisk... your Sand Veil doesn't rule here.