This is a joke... right? Or should we say... a meme? This wasn't a hard choice. Espurr was an obvious pick for making the cut of the Kalos 10. Let's face it, this Pokémon is the nucleus of Tumblr dot com. Espurr fought night and day. In heat and rain. In sleet and love. Espurr has seen some %&$#?@!.


Espurr. This Pokémon... this Pokémon has seen 1,000+ upvotes, it has accrued 850+ points, and fizzed up hundreds of comments with that blank... blank stare. Any Pokémon with a critical condition of suffering PTSD flashbacks has to be on this list. Espurr deserves the fame and honor. Deserves to be the bottom of our top list. There's nothing meme about this. Nothing. We've seen some things here at PKMNcast... seen things you people wouldn't believe. We've seen the glory... in Espurr. 

Welcome to the Kalos 10. Welcome...