There drew he forth the brand Aegislash. Ye ghost sword comes with shield. Nor sword and shield could posses the only type combination of both Steel and Ghost except thy Aegislash. So thy powerful that it can change stance in battle. So deadly it rose to #2 in the royal Kalos 10. 

If this sword was only a pen, that first paragraph would have been written better. That shield an eraser, to help vanish the past. Unfortunately the only thing here that can Shadow Sneak is the royal sword Pokémon with us today. 


This Pokémon, this sword, is as tall as most men. 5'7" and 116 lbs... you better let this Pokémon fight for itself. Since when did Ghost Pokémon get so heavy? Too many Pokepuffs, we'd assume? Shame on you. 

Aegislash is another fan favorite. Unless the competitive battle scene changes, this Pokémon isn't going to put itself on the shelf quite yet. It's too good. Possessed items are strong. Stronger in the hands of Trainers with the willpower to wield greatness. Greatness awaits.