Diggersby is the one Pokémon evolution that made Trainers turn their heads... in disgust. It wasn't what you were expecting from Bunnelby. You could simply assume Diggersby was the Raticate or Bibarel of Gen VI... but you'd be wrong... 

All 93.5 lbs of this Pokémon screams to us CHOCOLATE THUNDERRRR! He probably screams something else to you. This is not a Pokémon you want to come face to face with, alone, in a dark alley. That smile on its face is not a pretty one.

So you may be wondering why Diggersby is such a popular Pokémon. Why did Diggersby make the Kalos 10 on such a prestigious show like It’s Super Effective? Is there an inside joke? Is it a really strong Pokémon in battle? Is this the end of ISE’s credibility as the best Pokémon podcast on the internet!? The answer, my friends, is that Diggersby is a ladies' Pokémon. If you use it, you will have members of the opposite gender flocking your side. If only.

Actually, there are two reasons why this unlikely Pokémon made the Kalos 10. First of all, it’s just the kind of Pokémon we here on It’s Super Effective take a shine to. He’s ugly, even derpy, and he can be cool looking if you look really... really... hard. Secondly, he’s actually really good competitively. Of course, reason number one is the only actual reason. Reason number two is just flavor. Just think Bidoof. 


Can you imagine a Quick Attack stronger than Extremespeed on Arceus? We can’t either, but Diggersby comes close. And just think about it; how would you like to be Quick Attacked by a Diggersby? All 93.5 lbs just rushing at you at a speed that almost makes it invisible. All with that toothy grin. Diggersby can amp up that damage output with a Swords Dance. Do you see it now? Do you see a Quick Attack stronger than Arceus’ Extremespeed? Because we do. We do see it.

Diggersby isn’t your most conventional of Pokémon, but he can be a great friend. His uses are innumerable; he can lift heavy objects with his ears, he can punch your bully, he can dig. What more could you want in a Pokémon? Once you get past his toothy grin of fear, he’s nothing more than a really big bunny. And people love bunnies, right? Diggersby tho?