For those who did not grow up on Monday Night Raw, Luchadores are often theatrical in nature, and leaping from the top turnbuckle with the sole intention of using their opponent as an air mattress is commonplace; which is why Hawlucha’s signature move, Flying Press, wholly possesses the spirit of Lucha Libre wrestling. It is the only (discovered) double-typed move, dealing both Fighting and Flying type damage at the same time. It is technically a Fighting type move, so it only gains STAB when a Fighting type Pokémon uses it, but that’s not a problem for the moment, since Hawlucha is the only Pokémon with access to this incredibly unique move.


Let's back up for a second. Hawlucha is the first Fighting/Flying type to be discovered in the world of Pokémon, and it's seemed to have taken the world by storm. Its unique design and clever name perfectly compliment each other, coming from “Hawk” and “Luchador”, which is (by the simplest explanation possible) a Mexican wrestler.This high-flying hybrid also has stats that embody its appearance. 

Hawlucha is so unique, so different, and so strong in foundation of ideas and design... the Kalos 10 wouldn't of passed its appearance on this list. Vivir!