There seems to be a pattern of high-speed Pokemon forming here. You'd think for a second that the Kalos 10 would be influenced by the Rescuers Down Under or something. Wait a second... there's nothing Australian about this list. Talonflame isn't even an eagle. Talonflame is based on a falcon of blazing fire. Hence the mediocre name. Although, #6 is not a mediocre number. 

Talonflame is on this list for the work it does in battle. Not just any battle... a Pokémon battle. Talonflame is the fastest Fire-type Pokémon. While technically Talonflame can reach speeds up to 310 mph... that translates to a 126 speed stat. Hot.  


Talonflame seems loyal, strong, and confident. Not a lot of Pokémon exhibit all of those features. Just look at Dunsparce. Talonflame was a logical choice to be on the Kalos 10. It's a Fire-type that you don't box mid-game. It could have a few HMs on it, but you know it's too good for that. 

That's the thing about Talonflame... it's too good for us. It's almost perfect. Some would argue that nothing is perfect - but those people are wrong. Those people probably think that Spinda is a good Pokémon. Those people. 

Realizing that the Talonflame eggs are Cody's weak spot, McLeach tricks Cody into thinking that someone else has shot the Talonflame, making Cody lead him to said Talonflame nest. When arriving at the nest, Cody realizes that the nest has erupted in a shower of embers. Cody falls because the three Rattata did Quick Attack fast enough to save him. 

Wow... that was cruel and unexpected. Most of you won't even get that joke. Kalos 10?