It's amazing how much love and hate this Pokémon caused. Number 700... Sylveon. Sylveon is our only connection back to the older generations. It's the only Gen VI Pokémon to evolve (regularly, anyway) from a previous generation. It's deeply loved. It was loved so much before it even had a type too. Bug-type? Flying-type? What type are you? We love you so much Sylveon... but we hate you. You ruined the meta game. You're stupid. This isn't what we wanted. You're cute. Your eyes. They don't match the others. I can't look away. You're too powerful. I love Fairy-type. I hate Fairy-type. Leave me alone. Wait... come back... 


Sylveon is not a mistake, it's a fan favorite. It, like many others, was an obvious choice for the Kalos 10. A high choice, a magical choice. Sylveon whether you love it, hate it, or you're passive about it... Sylveon did cause a lot of drama in the Pokémon world - both good and bad. That's power. So powerful that only 12.5% are female. What? Maybe there isn't that much love to go around after all. There's going to be a lot of male Pokémon fighting over this powerful love. 

Sylveon does give us hope. It came into the Pokémon world as a mystery. As a blind date to some. Sylveon still leaves us guessing. Its move Moonblast leaves much to the imagination. Was It's Super Effective onto something about Moon-type? Gen VII... please get here faster. Moon speed.