Noivern... where do we begin. Noivern, you shouldn't be on this list. While you may be the fastest Dragon Pokémon with base speed of 123, you should have been Sound-type. SOUND! You and Loudred were meant to be together. The hopes and dreams of Sound-type may be forever shattered because of your dumb tweeter ears. 


Actually, maybe Noivern made the list because its evolutionary line is the only dual-type with the primary being Flying-type. It could be Boomburst. Thinking about it differently, Noivern could have made #8 for people's love of fruit bats. Well... we know that's not true.

All jokes aside, Noivern is not only a bat, but a dragon. Kind of weird to think about when phrased like that, eh? This isn't a bat that would be gentle. Noivern is known to attack careless prey in the moonlight. According to the Pokédex, nothing can defeat Noivern in a battle set in the darkness. 

Pokémon like this make you wonder... Is this fantasy world somewhere you want to be? Come on... killer dragon-bats aren't even the only monsters swooping around at night!