Some of you may be shocked. Didn't we just feature Epsurr? This list blows! Where is Froakie? I'm going to stop reading! I demand Meowstic and sons be returned to their fair time in the spotlight!

Epsurr's meme popularity was too great to ignore. On the flip side, Meowstic was the cat Pokémon that Trainers have been waiting for. Meowth and Glameow have nothing on the Meowstic family. While Pokémon may be short of doges, the Pokémon cat family's strength has increased. Some would say they were biding their time.


We could talk about Meowstic's charm in battle. We could tell you that the base stats of this Pokémon sit at 466. We'd definitely slip in that its speed is at 104. Some would go on about how the male version is better than the female version. Yes, there is a difference.

When it comes down to it... Cats. Two cats made this list. We wouldn't have it any other way. This list is purrrfect