Here we are, reader. This is the Kalos #1. Goodra. All Hail Goomy. All Hail Goomy. All Hail Goody. All Hail Goodry. All Hail Goodra. 

Why isn't Goomy here? Forgot about Goodra for a second. Where is Goomy...

Once upon a time... Goodra got more votes than Goomy and while PKMNcast loves Goomy, Goodra can hug us back. Goo is an unmatchable love. 


It's hard to talk about Goodra without going back to Goomy. Let us put this in a perspective. We all encountered Goomy in the in a puddle, in the rain. That was the start of an everlasting love. We knew Goomy was perfect, but we didn't know that perfect could outdo itself. Our Goomy then evolves into Sliggoo. Fantastic. Our journey keeps going. We couldn't be happier. Drizzle begins in the Kalos region. Then rain. We keep battling because no weather can stop our journey. It happens. Not only does Sliggoo evolves, but then perfect evolves. Hello Goodra. 

Goodra has the highest special defense of all Dragons. Goo will do that to you. Base stats sitting at 600, it's hard to slip away from. Goodra is our #1 choice for the Kalos 10. We wouldn't have it any other way.