Favorite Featured Dream Team

In lieu of a new Featured Team this week, I think it would be great if everyone posted their favorite 6 Pokémon. No moves, stats, or anything, just your dream team, even if it would be a horrible team.  I admire when SBJ went to Nationals last year, for VGC, because he didn't take a "normal" team but one with Pokémon that he liked.  I think that VGC Championships and increased competitive battling have made us sacrifice Pokémon we love with Pokémon who are "good" for competitve battling.  So please, go in the comments and list off your 6 Dream Team.  Also, my favorite post will be next week's Featured Team.

Mine is just as it says on my trainer page.  (My favorite type is Ice.)

1. Articuno (My favorite Pokémon since I first saw his sprite in Red.)

2. Arcanine (Who doesn't love a loyal puppy?)

3. Mamoswine

4. Weavile

5. Blastoise (#Blastoids?)

6. Zoroark



List names if you have them.  I've never named my Pokémon but I LOVE hearing names!

PKMN of the Week: Squirtle

Dear PKMN of the Week,

I think my Squirtle is so cute, much cuter than my other Pokémon. Lately, however, I've been having some behavioral issues with him. He's become moody, temperamental, and just the other day he squirted my backside while I had it turned. Do you have any advice to make me close with my beloved Squirtle again?

All Wet

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AOTW: Ice Body and Rain Dish

What’s going on, boys and girls? Your Sherpa on the mountain of Ability-centric knowledge, here, finally settled into my new digs in Chicagoland. And while I might be getting comfortable and complacent, the weather sure isn’t. This past week the windy city’s ‘burbs have been subjected to heavy rain, and today we fell below the freezing mark. But hey, you guys aren’t here to get a weather report! You’re here to read up on some Abilities! Well, nothing like current events to create a topic, eh? This is Ability of the Week: Ice Body AND Rain Dish!

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047 What They Gonna Do

This episode will be brought to you by Travis, Wil, Eric, and Kubo. This time we talk about some news regarding McDonalds and the VGCs, as well as, SBJ's Featured Team, and then PKMN of the Week. No Steve this episode, but he promises you will love it. 
Thanks to all who helped make this episode. 


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Host: Travis & Wil | Guests: Kubo and Eric


PotW: Blastoise

We here at the Pokemon Podcast are firm believers in Turtle Power. Well, Wil is, at least. Turtles, ninja or otherwise, are just awesome animals. So, with that in mind, I'd say it's about time to explore the terrific testudine potential of the Shellfish Pokemon, Blastoise. NOTE: The move Toxic wil (probably) not be mentioned in this article, for blatantly obvious reasons)

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Etsy Diving

It’s been a while for a Rare Article. It’s not even Thursday! With that aside, I thought I would bring you some interesting custom Pokémon items for sale. Now we were proud to announce our Poli-Shirts last week. Those shirts are limited to 100 made, and they will begin to ship next week. Exciting. 

Anyways, today we look at Pokémon stuff found on Etsy. Etsy is where handmade and vintage stuff lives so others can enjoy and purchase these items. Let’s take a look at a couple of the cool stuff found on Etsy.

Pokémon Polar Fleece Hoodie

This item looks to be sold out, but if you had $107, you too could have bought this custom Pikachu Fleece. From the bright yellow, to the actually tail...

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