Favorite Featured Dream Team

In lieu of a new Featured Team this week, I think it would be great if everyone posted their favorite 6 Pokémon. No moves, stats, or anything, just your dream team, even if it would be a horrible team.  I admire when SBJ went to Nationals last year, for VGC, because he didn't take a "normal" team but one with Pokémon that he liked.  I think that VGC Championships and increased competitive battling have made us sacrifice Pokémon we love with Pokémon who are "good" for competitve battling.  So please, go in the comments and list off your 6 Dream Team.  Also, my favorite post will be next week's Featured Team.

Mine is just as it says on my trainer page.  (My favorite type is Ice.)

1. Articuno (My favorite Pokémon since I first saw his sprite in Red.)

2. Arcanine (Who doesn't love a loyal puppy?)

3. Mamoswine

4. Weavile

5. Blastoise (#Blastoids?)

6. Zoroark



List names if you have them.  I've never named my Pokémon but I LOVE hearing names!

AOTW: Pressure

You know, guys, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Between it being convention season, trying to work on the next issue of The Redeemers, my day job, I’ve been one busy little Ability Editor. Makes it difficult to decide on a topic and write an article every week, you know? It’s a lot of pressure! Wait… wait! That’s it! That’s the weak lead-in for this week’s editorial! This is Ability of the Week: Pressure!
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