PKMN of the Week: Hitmontop

Looks like we're walking in on a battle that has just gotten underway.  On the field:  Hitmontop versus Cresselia.

Looks like Cresselia has her EVs in Speed and is getting the opportunity to go first.  She goes in for the quick knock out with Psychic.

It does not affect Hitmontop.

Hitmontop retaliates with Dark Pulse and Cresselia faints.  It's super effective!

The opponent next sends out Tornadus.  He's sure to get a KO on Hitmontop!

Tornadus keeps it safe with some Aerial Ace.  He lands a smack on our friend Hitmontop.


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MOTW: Tailwind

One of the most popular strategies of this year’s Pokemon VGC’s involved the move Tailwind. Tailwind doubles the Speed stat of the user and all other Pokémon in the player’s party for three turns. Out of the three genies introduced in 5th gen, the pure Flying-type Tornadus is suited to setting up Tailwind. Its ability, Prankster, allows non-attacking moves to gain +1 priority. This allows it to set up Tailwind with ease, and Taunt Trick Room users. It also has a powerful STAB Acrobatics which hits many Pokemon in VGC ‘11 for super effective damage. Let’s break it down in this week’s Move of the Week.


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