PKMNcast is Hiring

We've done this before in the past, we are getting bigger again! We have a couple positions open if you want to join the PKMNcast Staff. Here is what we have openings for:

• Saturday Sketch Editor

• Featured Team Editor 

• TCG Editor 

Now before you start sending e-mails, we are setting some guidelines. First one is... if you are applying for a position, you must e-mail If you don't, you application will be void. That's our step to prove you read this over. Secondly, these jobs are NON-PAID. Everyone who works for the site does it for free because we all have the passion to make the best Pokemon Site out there. With that being said, Editors do get to see whats up and coming for the site, along with, getting discounts and free swag. 

Serious notes. 

If you are applying for the Saturday Sketch Editor, here are the guidelines:

• Have postings ready for 8AM before every Saturday.

• Cite where you found the image and say a sentence or two.

• Look at the last Saturday Sketches posted by SBJ and copy that style of not revealing the whole image. 

If you are applying for Featured Team Editor, here are the guidelines:

• have postings ready for 8AM before every Tuesday.

• Proficient in understanding and filling out tables completely with no errors.

• Have a good understanding and own the software for Adobe Illustrator (CS3 or higher)

If you are applying for Trading Card Game Editor, here are the guidelines:

• Have a set day and time you would want a posting done.

• Pick a specific topic for said card game and expand with your knowledge.

• Tie in the card game with the flow of the site, since this is a new area

• Bring new ideas to the table. 

With all that being said, IF YOU ARE APPLYING - THEN ONLY APPLY FOR ONE. Applying for more then one will not get you any of the jobs. Pick which one you have a passion in and can stick to, not anyone just because you want a position for free swag. Any questions, please let the staff know!

Good luck! Please Apply before Jun 21st.