FTW: Featured Team Week

I decided to celebrate this week with a new Featured Team everyday. Featured Team has been light in 2011, and I have a lot of submissions for Featured Team. The main reason I am doing this is because there was a small outbreak of angry fans about last week's Featured Team. I want to make this clear that here at PKMNcast, we do a "First come, first serve" order. My team use to be awful back in the day with having a water Pokémon with all water-type moves, but because of other's help, I realized how to make a better team. Taking that knowledge, that is what we are doing here. Trainers cannot get better without positive feedback. If someone takes the time to submit a team, it will be posted. Enjoy this week because we will have a varity of teams posted, and it will lead up to our 40th show! In which... we will be covering all these teams! 

Teams will be posted everyday this week a Noon (CST).

Enjoy the first ever... FTW!