AOTW: Quick Feet

Well hello there, Abiliteers! Uncle Wil is back to bring you up to speed on yet another passive pokémon power. In this case, we’re looking at one that grants your pokémon a Hermes-like boost to their Speed! Just be careful not to fly too close to the sun (how many of you Greek mythology buffs just yelled at me? Ha!) This is Ability of the Week: Quick Feet!

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Featured Team Back!

With finding out you guys and gals LOVE Featured Team... no better did I spend time in my empty room to get one up as soon as I found out via that survey. Thanks to everyone who took it! Thanks for everyone who sent in teams. 

This week's team is a bit interesting. Going from old school to some new ones, it's quite a mix up. Let Alex know in the comments how you feel!