Stitcher Podcast Awards

As you all know, we are trying to win the Podcast Awards for the category of "gaming". While during the nomination process, you can only vote for one category and one time, we now have a new task for you!

Stitcher Radio is hosting their first annual awards. We want to be apart of it. The cool thing about these Stitcher Awards is you can vote for us once a day! These are all the categories we fit in. I think we can win one of them if you all vote once a day and make a friend vote too! This will require you to connect with your Facebook Account. Don't forgot to vote for us for the Podcast Awards too. 

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Vote for us in #podcast for the Shorty Awards!

If you use Twitter, jump over to the Shorty Awards to nominate us in #podcast! Remember, you have to have a reason, otherwise it doesn't count. Last year we won with 50 some votes. We want to shoot for 100+ this year. 

I nominate @pokemonpodcast for a Shorty Award in #podcast because...

We THANK EVERYONE IN ADVANCE who take the time to tweet us a vote!

Time to Shine

As some of you may know, the Podcast Awards have begun taking nominations. What does this mean for us? Well it would be amazing to be recongized in the whole podcast world. I would deeply appreciate your votes to get us at least nominated. This is the hardest part. Once nominated people could just click a check box to vote, but we have to get there first. Here is what we have to do:
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Ironic that we are having a Pokemon Podcast voting thing on our site, but hey, someone wasn't doing it, so it's a void we can fill. Mostly, we are hoping this catches wind on other sites so those fans can jump over and vote too. Pretty much you guys bragging how much we rock. Remember, we do it for you!

Amazing Shirt!

We found this shirt on It's a pretty sweet Pokémon shirt that you can vote on right here to turn it into a real shirt. Trust us, you want this to be a real shirt. You can find other cool shirts on Threadless, but this is Pokémon... so it's extra cool! There is less then 48 hours to vote on this shirt, so do it SOON!!!


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