Shattered September!

Hey, boys and girls! It's your freindly neighborhood spider-Jay. I know it's been a few months since the end of Shattered Gemstones' first season, and you have fair reason to ask why. But fear not! For today I bring you something new. A little bit of build-up I'm calling Shattered September.

Shattered Gemstones season 2: A Vast and Fertile Wasteland will be starting on September 24th, but I don't intend to leave you all with nothing until then. Quite the contrary, in fact. Shattered September is a blog which will be updating daily to semi-daily with new concept art, previews, excerpts from chapters, my own thoughts on the series, and a new side-story each Monday. The blog can be found at, so follow that baby on tumblr and keep checking back for new stuff, starting tomorrow! If you've enjoyed Shattered Gemstones thus far, I think this will be a great companion to the story. You can also follow me on twitter @IatosHaunted for news and my witty/disturbing stream of consiousness while writing. 

That's all for now, folks! Feel free to give feedback on what you see throughout Shattered September, and look forward to the start of season 2 on the 24th. Until then, this is Jay, signing out!

Live Show at 7PM Tonight

For the first time ever... and possibly the last... SBJ will do a podcast during a Pokémon movie. Get your VCR or Blu-ray player ready to watch "Pokémon Destiny Deoxys (the Movie)" with SBJ!

Okay, back up... what does this mean?

Besides a short intro. SBJ will have Destiny Deoxys playing in real time as he comments his opinions about the movie. Like hearing people talk and make jokes during a film? Then you'll love this show! Make the show even better and watch the movie while you listen to SBJ complain and/or love parts of this featured movie. 

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025 Pokémon Live Version

Part 1 - The first ever live Podcast of "It's Super Effective". We have guest callers, a live chat, and an awesome time. We talk about all Pokémon ranging from Black and White news to a ton of other stuff. Rate us in iTunes to win the contest too!

Part 2 of the 3 hour epic LIVE show. Why was it 3 hours? Because over 100 fans asked for it to keep going. We talk about old Pokémon Toys, Pikachu Yo-Yos, Shinies, Bidoofs, and more. Epic can't describe this 3 hour journey. Thank you fans. 

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Aaron and all of You!

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