Stitcher Podcast Awards

As you all know, we are trying to win the Podcast Awards for the category of "gaming". While during the nomination process, you can only vote for one category and one time, we now have a new task for you!

Stitcher Radio is hosting their first annual awards. We want to be apart of it. The cool thing about these Stitcher Awards is you can vote for us once a day! These are all the categories we fit in. I think we can win one of them if you all vote once a day and make a friend vote too! This will require you to connect with your Facebook Account. Don't forgot to vote for us for the Podcast Awards too. 

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Time to Shine

As some of you may know, the Podcast Awards have begun taking nominations. What does this mean for us? Well it would be amazing to be recongized in the whole podcast world. I would deeply appreciate your votes to get us at least nominated. This is the hardest part. Once nominated people could just click a check box to vote, but we have to get there first. Here is what we have to do:
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More Voting, no Rare Article

Sorry guys... I spent most of the day sleeping off this sickness I had, when I finally woke up... then I did Episode 019 for ya'll. Which, I hope you guys really like. In terms, I didn't get to do a Rare Article or a Featured Team this week. I'm not to sure what happened to Aaron's post either... I know he's busy with school, but we'll figure it out. Personally, I still think there is a lot of new content on the site, so it's okay if we take this a bit slower... at least until I'm not sick. Oh, and I did give you guys a new sneak peek at the first Season of Critical Hit. That was awesome... right?

More importantly. I really REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! There are the Podcast Awards that end on November 21st, and not to be selfish, but I want to win! They have a whole bunch of categories, but you should vote for "It's Super Effective" in these: People's Choice, Gaming, and Best Produced. 

Please vote and make your friends vote. If "It's Super Effective" wins in one category, I would be thrilled. Remember, you can only vote on that page once, but please do... for us!