Hiring Illustrator

While we look over applications for a writing position, which we are still doing (stay tuned), we need someone who can draw! More importantly, someone who can draw Pok mon well. PKMNcast is looking for an illustrator to get a job done this week. More particularly, we are looking to make a poster and sell it this weekend at Midwest Gaming Classic and then online. Work would have to be done before Wednesday night, that being said, you would get a cut of the profit. E-mail us and let us know! While I could just take PNGs and make a poster, I will not sell someone else's copyrighted artwork, but if it's yours and your looking to make a couple bucks, let us know!

E-mail Us! and/or just pokemonpodcast@me.com

Include in the subject line "Illustrator".

Please include artwork with application.