September & October Slow

Your all probably a bit upset that the Podcast went from a 5-7 day posting schedule to a 10-14 posting. We didn't plan for that, and it upsets us just as much as you. Why did this happen?

Looking at statistics, our worst two months last year were September and October. In order to boost traffic again, we launched Eeveetober and while October closed, November was one of the highest viewed months of 2010. 

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Season 1 Sneak Peak Trailer 2

I've been sick lately, and I apologize. To make it up to all of you craving Pokémon stuff from us, here is another sneak peak at the upcoming Video Podcast from us. It's called Critical Hit and you can subscribe in iTunes. Season 1, Episode 001, will debut this November. 

Season 1 Sneak Peak Trailer 2 from Pokémon Podcast on Vimeo.

The season premier of the Pokémon Podcast's first web show, Critical Hit. Trailer 2. Coming this November.