MOTW: Last Resort

As we’re celebrating the ‘month of the Eevee’ we only thought it would be fitting if the move of the week this week was Eevee based. This is a move that any Eevee trainer should consider, as all Eeveelutions can learn it. It’s also kind of a quirky move and it’s  only been around for one generation now. Let’s look at the last move in our arsenal...

Last Resort, as I said has only been around since Gen IV from the 493. It has 130 power now, but once Gen V comes along that will be changing to 140 power and keeping it’s 100% accuracy. To get right down to the nitty-gritty, this is how it works. So, as it says in the name it’s very much a last resort move, even to the point where the game won’t even let you attack with it unless you have used all of your other moves at least once. All of your other moves also have to be pulled of successfully in order for Last Resort to not fail when used. Also, the counter of what moves you have used resets every time you switch out, so if you bring whatever Pokemon back in you’ll have to start your move-set all over again.

The reason that I personally like this move is that there really is no downside to having it. There are no positive side-effects, but there are no negative ones either. As long as you have met the criteria for the move it just works. It’s simple, useful, and powerful, and it’s normal typing can come in very handy in tricky situations. Normal type moves are effective in many different instances where any other type move just wouldn’t be as useful. Only rock and steel type Pokemon are resistant against normal typing. Ghost is the only type that is immune to normal types moves, but if you use a move like Oder Sleuth or Foresight, you can counter act that. You will never have a super effective hit with a normal type move, BUT, in most cases you will land normal damage at it’s power point, soon to be 140 with 100% accuracy. Not bad, not bad at all.

One strategy I actually thought of writing this article is that if you had just one move other than Last Resort on, you could use that one move, and then just use Last Resort. There are a couple of holes in this strategy, one namely being that you only have up to 8 pp to work with at most. However if you wanted to base a Pokemon around this move you could. I would probably actually give it 3 moves, something like a defensive type move, like a Giga Drain or Leech Seed, or something like that so you could gain health back. Then I would put probably one other special type move to balance out the physical, or even if you’re paranoid against ghosts you could put Oder Sleuth or Foresight on whomever too. Then with a combo like that you’re balanced from physical to special, have a sort of defense going, and if you’re a normal type you can gain a STAB from your powerhouse move so you don’t have to worry about using Last Resort over and over again. Egh, it could work?

Now, only a handful of Pokemon can actually learn this move out the bat, and a decent amount can learn it by tutoring. It’s not a TM’d move so you’ll have to do a little more work to learn this one. Since ALL Eeveelutions can learn this move, let’s focus on them, shall we?

All of the Eevee forms can learn Last Resort. Even just Eevee can learn this move, so if you actually didn’t evolve Eevee you could gain a STAB, making even Eevee a totally viable option to add to your team. So Last Resort is a normal type, physical attack, so you may want to try and pair it with a Pokemon that’s high in attack. Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon all have pretty sad attack stats, sitting around 60ish for all of them. Flareon is definitely the highest at 130, and Leafeon isn’t bad either sitting at 110, so I would probably stick with those two just to gain the most effectiveness out of the move. I would also stick with them because you aren’t gaining a STAB from ANY of them, so everything else really matters into how powerful of a move it can be. (EV training is a must!)



Normally this is the part where I would talk about the good things and the bad about a move, but, Last resort is a normal type move. Soooo... it doesn’t really have any. I talked about how normal is effective in most situations, so that’s what I would take from this MOTW.

Even though you’ll never gain a bonus from using it on a non-normal type Pokemon, Last resort can be used very effectively... even though it isn’t super effective. :)

- It’s (not) Super Effective

- Aaron Spriggs