September & October Slow

Your all probably a bit upset that the Podcast went from a 5-7 day posting schedule to a 10-14 posting. We didn't plan for that, and it upsets us just as much as you. Why did this happen?

Looking at statistics, our worst two months last year were September and October. In order to boost traffic again, we launched Eeveetober and while October closed, November was one of the highest viewed months of 2010. 

Now while we don't know th exact reason these months are slow every year, a couple things stand out. The biggest reason is school. High School and College starts for a lot of people, and the first two months or so are the hardest. Kids are concerned about getting to class, getting homework done, going out, meeting new people, etc, etc. Most will agree after Christmas, people become bored and surf the internet a lot more then they do once Fall hits. This all makes it hard for us in another sense. People leave for school, jobs need people to work more, hence why I am at work a lot more, taking me away from the site. This has also taken other editors away from the site as well. 

All in all, we will strive through this lull and hopefully have a podcast ready for all of you at the end of the week!

Founder of PKMNcast
-Steve (SBJ) 

Also - a new item in the store should appear this week.