PKMN of the Week: Garchomp

When I go out on the town, which I tend to do on Friday nights, I like to check in to places on Foursquare.  Most of the places I frequent don't have bonuses for the mayor but I like being able to see who else has checked in at the same location and where my friends around the country are at the same time.

Unfortunately, downtown DC has terrible cellular coverage and it can be difficult to get a data connection when you are trying to check in.  This past Friday I was having just that problem, fiddling with my phone trying to check in, when a hand started waving over the screen.

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AOTW: Iron Barbs and Rough Skin

Well guys, it’s that time again! Settle in, and let’s talk about some piercingly potent passive pokémon powers! If hindsight is 20/20, then I have Superman’s super vision right now. When Pokémon Black and White Versions dropped earlier this year, our illustrious editor-in-chief, SBJ, encouraged the editors (and by that I mean he shouted down the stairs one day into the dungeon where he keeps us chained to our laptops when he threw down our daily ration of stale bread and stagnant water) that upon the release of the new games, we should try to relate our individual columns to them. For me, that meant articles about Moxie, Regenerator, Sand Force, and so on. But had I known that a certain steel-plated pinecone and its big brother evolution would be as popular as they are, I would have known a lot earlier to say that this is Ability of the Week: Iron Barbs AND Rough Skin!

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