025 Pokémon Live Version

Part 1 - The first ever live Podcast of "It's Super Effective". We have guest callers, a live chat, and an awesome time. We talk about all Pokémon ranging from Black and White news to a ton of other stuff. Rate us in iTunes to win the contest too!

Part 2 of the 3 hour epic LIVE show. Why was it 3 hours? Because over 100 fans asked for it to keep going. We talk about old Pokémon Toys, Pikachu Yo-Yos, Shinies, Bidoofs, and more. Epic can't describe this 3 hour journey. Thank you fans. 

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Aaron and all of You!

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Episode 025 Will Be Live... Kinda...

So you might of noticed that there will not be a podcast this week. Sad... I know. First... I have a ton of video games to catch up on, and even though the episodes are about an hour long, they consume about a 4 hour span. I'm just being honest.

BUT - Episode 025 will be hosted on Blog Talk Radio. What does that mean for you guys?

Well, this episode will take place on Wednesday, January 12th at 7:30 PM (Central Time).

This means:

You can listen to us live at that time (7:30PM Central Time)

There will be a Toll-Free number you can call into and you can be on the show!

We will be doing some speed rounds of Pok mon stuff. Listeners can call in, and we can just talk. This will all be live and then for those who can't listen to the show then, it will be recorded for iTunes and RSS readers later.


Any questions, let us know!

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