Interview with the Voice of Brock

These are all friends over at ORS. THey did an interview with a voice actor from the Pokémon Anime! Give it a listen!

Welcome to Episode 34 of Operation Retroshock!

And that can mean only one thing....Its Allan's Birthday Show! What do we have in store this Episode? Well its another corker! We see the sooner than expected return of Pokémon!

Why is this?...Well, it is of course a favourite of Allan's but Chris decided to take it on himself to make this another Birthday Show to remember. The guys are going to be talking about the great Pokémon Gold/Silver and The 2nd Season of the Anime, not only that they have an interview with the one and only Eric Stuart! The man who voiced Brock, James, Butch and so many Pokémon you could take all day just to name them all!

So sit back relax and join the guys for some Birthday Pokémon Fun!


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Gym Leaders

Today we talk about Gym Leaders. Today we bring back old emotions. Today we bond even closer. Today is Thursday... and this is our “Rare Article” posting.

Gym Leaders... who are they, where do they come from, what do they mean? Let’s start with the basics. Gym Leaders are the “boss” fights in Pokémon. Your goal in the game is to collect all the badges (usually eight) from the Gym Leaders to go on to battle the Elite Four, and then of course, your Rival. I’m not actually sure where they come from, maybe they are all born in Pallet Town? Double rainbow reference, well, not in this article. Let’s move on. 

Not sure why I wrote that top paragraph...

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