121 Quilladin, Braixen, Frogadier

SBJ, Andrew, and Saul talk about the new starter Pokémon evolutions, as well as, other newly annouced Pokémon in X and Y. We also go over some Pokémon TCG news, Battle City, Pokemon Rumble U, and GottaCatchEmAll.com. Enjoy!

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120 Pokémon Bank and Mega Starters

Travis, Saul, and Andrew talk about Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, and Mega Blastoise. They also cover the 2DS, Pokemon Bank, PokeTransfer and some new information released from the Pokémon Direct. Andrew also has a sad story. Stay tuned!

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115 Squids and Cotton Candy

With Nationals just taking place, SBJ with Travis and Saul talk about the event. We go over all the National winners for both the TCG and VGC. We also talk about news regarding the new Pokémon and Gym Leaders for Pokémon X and Y. Have you heard of Team Flair?

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114 Nationals and Strategy

Travis, Saul, Kidd, Kenny, and John all talk about both the VGC and TCG prep for your National needs. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend to Indy to play some Pokémon. They also cover a bit of news! Enjoy! 

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111 Gogoat and Rumors

SBJ and Saul talk about more rumors that appeared on Pokebeach.com. We also talk about the Pokemon X and Y announcement at E3. After the break we cover a Pokemon of the Week! Who is it? 

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110 Gogoat-ing and Fairies?

SBJ and Kenny and Saul talk all the latest about Pokémon X & Y. We cover a bunch of news on PokéBeach about the last CoroCoro scans and rumors of X and Y. The game's region is named Kalos! You can customize your characters's skin tone, hair, & eye color. 

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107 New Pokémon Shares Many Traits with Mewtwo

This new Pokémon shares many traits with Mewtwo, including a light-purple body and piercing, powerful eyes. This week episode stars Travis, Saul, and Jay as they talk about the new Pokémon revealed on Pokémon Smash last week. What do you think it is? 

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105 Fennekin and Froakie

In this episode… SBJ, Saul, Justin, and Bill talk about Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. We also talk about recent Pokémon news and the Battle City Kickstarter. On top of that we return Pokémon of the Week! British accents away! 

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104 Sylveon

This week your host is Travis. Travis, Saul, David, and Kenny talk about all the Pokémon news we missed in the last month. They also speculate about X and Y. On top of that, remember that Midwest Gaming Classic is coming up in about 20 days! Enjoy!

100 One Hundred Shows Later...

Welcome to episode 100. PKMNcast is the #1 Pokémon Podcast on the web today. We are kicking off 2013 with our longest podcast ever. Join us for exclusive interviews with over 11 different podcast guests including Travis, David, Saul, Will, and many more. Hear over 20 different Pokémon fans call in and express their love for "It's Super Effective". Listen to classic songs and our funny inserts. Finally, enjoy the retro part we threw in for laughs. We REALLY hope you enjoy this episode, it look a lot of work. -SBJ

099 World of Unova: Mists of Dunsparce

This Christmas Eve special brings together Cale, SBJ, David, and Saul. We talk about some Pokémon Theories. We also talk about what we would like from the Pokémon Company for Christmas. Enjoy! And get ready for Episode 100! 

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097 Call of Chandelure

SBJ captures your heart with Will and Saul. We talk about some recent Pokémon News. We also find some random Pokémon articles to chit-chat about. Finally, we talk about the site, new shirt, and we are in search of a News editor. 


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095 Skies of Swanna

In this episode of ISE. SBJ, Will, Justin, and Saul talk about everything that happens after the 5th Gym Leader Battle. We talk about the PWT, Chargestone Cave, and Skyla. We also talk a bit about news and the new site! Enjoy!

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091 Raikou-Strike

Hey All! In this weeks episode we talk about Black and White sales as we gear up for Black and White 2. SBJ, Saul, David, and Justin also talk about animals that are not yet Pokémon. We also talk about some Pokémon name changes from localization. 

Also, vote for us for the Podcast Awards!

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090 The Legend of Keldeo

This week turns into SBJ, Will, and Saul talking about recent news. We talk the talk about TPCi having a Twitter and Facebook. On top of that, we also talk about the lack of promotions for Black and White 2. Finally, some Battle Roads reports and information about the new site launching next month. 

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