123 Mega Charizard X, Slurpuff, Launch Time

SPOILER FREE. We only talk about news off of Pokemon.com and off the @Pokemon Twitter and Facebook - which means - we are talking about Mega Charizard X. We also talk about Pokémon Origins, but only our initial thoughts, spoiler free (except for after the credits). Finally we cover some news regarding Slurpuff and Aromatisse and some other stuff. Enjoy!

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117 Three Years and Live

SBJ, Travis, and David all get together to answer your questions from Twitter. This is our episode to celebrate 3 years of PKMNcast. We cover some news in regards to X and Y and the Pokémon GameStop promotions as well. Favorite Starters? That question is answered! This show was recorded live on Google Hangout via YouTube. 

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096 Super Unfezant Bros. (Live Thanskgiving Show)

All three parts merged together for PKMNcast's Live Thanksgiving Show. This show was recorded on Google Hangout and streamed Live (at the time) via YouTube. This is the AUDIO ONLY version. The video version is missing right now. 

In this episode we talk about Pokémon news, answer questions via Twitter, and talk about what we are thankful for. Enjoy!

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090 The Legend of Keldeo

This week turns into SBJ, Will, and Saul talking about recent news. We talk the talk about TPCi having a Twitter and Facebook. On top of that, we also talk about the lack of promotions for Black and White 2. Finally, some Battle Roads reports and information about the new site launching next month. 

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