133 Hey You! Glitchachu

Travis, Kenny, and Andrew talk about some tips and tricks in Pokémon X and Y. They also cover some Pokémon news regarding Pokémon Bank and some more stuff. Finally they tackle our Pokémon of the Week. Sorry for the audio quality in this episode! Enjoy!

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114 Nationals and Strategy

Travis, Saul, Kidd, Kenny, and John all talk about both the VGC and TCG prep for your National needs. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend to Indy to play some Pokémon. They also cover a bit of news! Enjoy! 

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110 Gogoat-ing and Fairies?

SBJ and Kenny and Saul talk all the latest about Pokémon X & Y. We cover a bunch of news on PokéBeach about the last CoroCoro scans and rumors of X and Y. The game's region is named Kalos! You can customize your characters's skin tone, hair, & eye color. 

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104 Sylveon

This week your host is Travis. Travis, Saul, David, and Kenny talk about all the Pokémon news we missed in the last month. They also speculate about X and Y. On top of that, remember that Midwest Gaming Classic is coming up in about 20 days! Enjoy!

103 Froakie and Chespin

Kenny, Travis, and SBJ continue to speculate on X and Y. On top of that, we talk about the newly launched Pokémon Mystery Dungeon site. We also go over the Shorty Awards as well. Enjoy!

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