094 Ducklett Tycoon

PKMNcast goes way back. In this episode, SBJ and Aaron talk about some Pokemon news. They then talk about Black/White 2 up to the 5th Gym Leader Battle. Finally, we end on talking about the launch of our new site. Enjoy!

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093 Sewer Zubats

This 2 hour episode featured Black 2 and White 2 coverage from Castelia to Nimbasa. We cover both Burgh's battle and Elisa's battle with everything in between that. We give you our thought on the Castelia sewers, Hugh, and Colres. We also talk about Pokémon news including the Amazon.co.jp new site and Boundaries Crosses. Finally, SBJ recaps making top 32 at the Fort Wayne Regionals. We also have a Pokémon of the Week!

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092 Pokémon Black/White 2

The BIG one. It's here. In this episode of ISE, SBJ, Will, and Travis cover the first two Gyms of Black 2 and White 2. Before that, we talk news that hit the Pokémon world this week. We also give other impressions of the first 4 hours of BW2, on top of, the usual pokéchatting. Enjoy this episode! 

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091 Raikou-Strike

Hey All! In this weeks episode we talk about Black and White sales as we gear up for Black and White 2. SBJ, Saul, David, and Justin also talk about animals that are not yet Pokémon. We also talk about some Pokémon name changes from localization. 

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