120 Pokémon Bank and Mega Starters

Travis, Saul, and Andrew talk about Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, and Mega Blastoise. They also cover the 2DS, Pokemon Bank, PokeTransfer and some new information released from the Pokémon Direct. Andrew also has a sad story. Stay tuned!

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117 Three Years and Live

SBJ, Travis, and David all get together to answer your questions from Twitter. This is our episode to celebrate 3 years of PKMNcast. We cover some news in regards to X and Y and the Pokémon GameStop promotions as well. Favorite Starters? That question is answered! This show was recorded live on Google Hangout via YouTube. 

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098 Eevee the Hedgehog

This week… we gear up for both 099 and 100. We talk about recent news, the changes to VGC, the PokéDex App for iOS, and our Pokémon of the Week. Want to call into the show and leave a voicemail? 414.395.0649

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094 Ducklett Tycoon

PKMNcast goes way back. In this episode, SBJ and Aaron talk about some Pokemon news. They then talk about Black/White 2 up to the 5th Gym Leader Battle. Finally, we end on talking about the launch of our new site. Enjoy!

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089 Pokey Mom

This week SBJ, Will, and Justin talk about the Autumn friendly, as well as, Battle Roads. We cover news regarding Mystery Dungeon, the new TCG sets, and the Wii U. Finally we end with a flounder of Pokémon of the Week. 

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