163 Skitty Grey

SBJ, Will, and Saul talk about the newly announced dates for the Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions tour happening this year. We also talk about a Pokémon Shuffle update, as well as, the new TCG expansion coming soon. We tackle Saul's thoughts on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Finally, we end with our Item of the Week!

138 Pokémon Trading Card Community

SBJ, Travis, and Will talk about the current news regarding Pokémon Monopoly, the new XY Movie, the custom made Honedge sword and more. We also talk about the 2014 State TCG tournament and TCG players as a whole. We also talk about our Pokémon of the Week and Twitch Plays Pokémon too!

126 Goodra, Aegislash, Competitive Pokémon

SBJ, Kent, Travis, and Will talk about the best competitive Pokémon to uses now that Gen VI is upon us. We go from Goodra to Aegislash to Talonflame and more! We talk about the new Mega EX Pokémon announced, Pokémon Origins, an interview with Masuda, and the Nintendo 2DS. We also talk a bit about the Battle City Kickstarter. New artwork, new music, but more importantly - a new awesome show for you guys! #PokemonXY

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121 Quilladin, Braixen, Frogadier

SBJ, Andrew, and Saul talk about the new starter Pokémon evolutions, as well as, other newly annouced Pokémon in X and Y. We also go over some Pokémon TCG news, Battle City, Pokemon Rumble U, and GottaCatchEmAll.com. Enjoy!

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119 Pokémon Origins and Pokémon Worlds

This week contains SBJ, Travis, Saul, and Andrew as we talk about Pokémon 2013 Worlds, Fairy-type in the TCG, changes to Play Pokémon, and Origins. We also talk about Mega-Pokémon. If you're a Kickstarter Backer for Battle City, we talk about that too.

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116 Trees and Japan

This week features SBJ, Travis, and Andrew as they talk about what happened on Pokémon Smash. They also talk about the new Genesect movie (spoilers) and the new "tree" Pokémon. We also go over the TCG rotation, as well as, 2013 Global Showdown.

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115 Squids and Cotton Candy

With Nationals just taking place, SBJ with Travis and Saul talk about the event. We go over all the National winners for both the TCG and VGC. We also talk about news regarding the new Pokémon and Gym Leaders for Pokémon X and Y. Have you heard of Team Flair?

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114 Nationals and Strategy

Travis, Saul, Kidd, Kenny, and John all talk about both the VGC and TCG prep for your National needs. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend to Indy to play some Pokémon. They also cover a bit of news! Enjoy! 

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089 Pokey Mom

This week SBJ, Will, and Justin talk about the Autumn friendly, as well as, Battle Roads. We cover news regarding Mystery Dungeon, the new TCG sets, and the Wii U. Finally we end with a flounder of Pokémon of the Week. 

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